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The Dreamwords Series

In a brutal world, the uniting power of family can mean the difference between life and death and yet a single person, tapping the power within, can destroy them all.


Born from the acclaimed podcast, Tom Corven is science fiction that appeals to avid fans and those who normally avoid the genre alike. As the subject of an extraordinary honesty experiment the book demonstrated its true potential as a mass-market tale. It follows the journey of a boy trapped in a remote cottage with two strangers. Falling in love with the girl, Tom tries to understand the cruel memories the place invokes even as he struggles with his feelings and the obvious lies she and her older companion are telling him.


In The Journal, Jack Burns has loving parents. A loner from birth, he is afflicted by an unusual birthmark on his face and blessed with the gift of imagination. A chance find on the cliff below Edinburgh Castle links him to the strange appearance of two infants found in a castle courtyard 16 years before. Thrown into the media spotlight, he learns of a sister buried in Greyfriars Cemetery and is confused by dreams of another that seem so real. She has come to take him home to a future where disease is dead and all his problems will be solved. Instead, he finds himself alone in a hard country that more resembles the past than a technological idyll. There he discovers an ally in Billy McCaul, a young man from the Isle of Skye bent on a mission to rescue his childhood sweetheart from the soldier he once trained. That soldier - Gruggan - is uniting Scotland as a cancer unites its host. Edinburgh Castle is the last to fall and Jack and his new friends are trapped inside. But Jack is no longer the lost boy. He is a young man blessed with courage and the knowledge that what he thought were dreams were not dreams at all. They are his route to the minds of others; a link to Gruggan’s inner world. Jack must find a way to destroy those links even as an army of lost souls close around him.

Paul Story

A lover of Scotland, former physicist, mountain rescuer and bloody-determined, Paul Story lives in the bones of his characters. Spending months at a time in the Highlands writing from his tent, mountain bothies or from the back of his car, he has turned his life into a writing adventure.
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